Value is the starting point for lean thinking. It can be defined only from the customer point of view. The customer can be a a final user of a product, next production process or the next company in the supply chain. Value has to be identified for specific product (good or service or both at the same time) which fulfils the needs of specific Customer, at the acceptable price in right place and time. Customers wants more to fulfill his specific needs than product itself. He is interested in result, not the means to get this result. Value for the Customer is created in value stream, which is the all activities (both value adding and non-value adding) needed for a product to pass through all main flows:

  • production flow ? from raw materials to the hands of Customer
  • development flow ? from concept to product launch on the market
  • information flow ? from order to delivery

Identifying the value stream is one of the most important steps of lean thinking. Value Stream Mapping helps to take this challenge. VSM is the method of analyzing all the steps in production process starting from the customer expectations and going upstream to the raw materials. Mapping whole value stream, through the complete supply chain can be very difficult,so the first step of Value Stream Mapping should be done within one company, from supply of material to shipment of products (door-to-door).

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Expected Training Results

After completion of this training participants will be able to:

  • Use VSM method for analysing processes
  • Identify improvement potentials
  • Design changes needed for improvement in productivity, quality and lead time
  • Plan implementation of changes
  • process organization
  • production management
  • logistics
  • production planning
  • continuous improvement

Training Plan


Value Stream Mapping – theoretical introduction lecture + discussion
Creating current state value stream map case study
Identifying product family for mapping ? product/proces matrix practical exercise
Current state value stream map for chosen product family shopfloor workshops
Preparing the map – documentation workshops
Presentation for management and summary of the first day  


Rules, method and tools for value stream optimizartion lecture + discussion + examples
Creating future state value stream map case study
Business target for chosen product family workshops
Designing future state value stream for chosen product family workshops
Calculating costs and benefits of proposed changes workshops
Implementation plan preparation workshops
Presentation for management and workshop summary workshops

Note: Depends on complexity of processes being mapped and level of details in analysis needed, the value stream mapping workshop can last from 2 to 4 days.