Process and Product Development

Our consultants will help you create competitive advantage (cost and quality)
at designing stage of the product.

About 70% of total cost of product creation is determined by decisions made at designing stage. This is when the competitive advantage is formed. All the product?s characteristics, from functionality, quality and reliability to easiness of making are embedded into a product on this stage. Proper knowledge used in designing process is a way to achieve results above the average.

  • Simplified construction of designed products allows to decrease total cost of manufacturing (production of components and installation) while maintaining all required functionality and highest quality level
  • Embedding quality into product while designing allows to avoid problems during manufacturing process and every next stage of product life

Our services:

  • Analysis and searching for possibilities of decreasing total product cost (design, material, manufacturing process): Target Cost, Benchmarking i Shadow Cost Analysis
  • Optimization of current designing solutions (Design for Assembly, Design for Manufacturing, Design for Serviceability, Value Engineering)
  • Project optimization considering cost of manufacturing: Design for Variation
  • Project optimization considering client usage: Robust Design
  • Designing reliability and durability tests
  • Optimization of designing process (quality, time and cost of designing process)
  • Development program for engineers and constructors

Production Processes

We will help you reduce variation of production processes,
and increase the level of quality and productivity.

Traditional look at productivity, especially in production environment, is based on fulfilling assumed plan and comparing results to specifications, which separate products on good and bad ones. In opposition to this approach, we propose working on reduction of variation, which exists in every process and its influence on costs and quality of produced articles is usually underestimated or even ignored. Absorbed by work and completing assumed schedules, we often forget, that it is variation what is generating out costs.

  • Optimization of production processes: costs, quality, capacity
  • Management based on facts
  • Effective and systematized problem solving
  • Shorter time of reaction on appearing problems
  • Reduction of clients’ complains
  • Reduction of number of failures, improvement of quality level in every production area
  • Productivity growth, optimization of resources usage
  • Increase of whole staff commitment and motivation

Our services:

  • Creation of problem solving concept and its implementation in production areas
  • KAIZEN WEEK for variation
  • Definition and implementation of the system for managing business indexes on shopfloor level
  • Implementation of Statistical Process Control methodology
  • Lean management system for laboratories and measurements – measurement systems definition and evaluation
  • Reactionary projects in all production areas (Problem Solving): reduction of failures and complaints
  • Optimization programs: costs reduction, process parameters optimization, increasing capability and productivity
  • Engineers development program
  • Implementation of 5S and TPM
  • Set-up time reduction (SMED)
  • Designing lines and cells for one-piece-flow
  • Implementation of pull system (Kanban)
  • Lean material delivery (Milkrun)
  • Design of lean value streams (VSM ? Value Stream Mapping)
  • Production planning and leveling
  • Factory planning focused on flow

Transactional Processes

We will organize clear and efficient transactional processes.

Philosophy of continuous improvement should be implemented not only in productive areas but also in transactional processes using properly adjusted tools. There are countless possibilities for productivity growth in processes which result in a service delivery. Those processes need continuous improvement as much as production sector. Ineffectiveness in service organization increases costs and decreases quality and client’s satisfaction. The further errors and defects go, the higher will be the cost of their correction. Based on methods and principles of continuous improvement, we quickly and unequivocally identify optimization potential and prepare implementation concepts.

  • Increase of process productivity ? shorter lead time, increased quality of service and, as a result, client’s satisfaction
  • Effective and systematic problem solving and shorter reaction time for appearing difficulties
  • Productivity increase, optimization of resources usage, reduction of total cost of service delivery
  • Increase of whole staff involvement and motivation

Our services:

  • Defining and implementing quality measurement system (client’s satisfaction)
  • Process reengineering ? stable processes with short transition time, elimination of failures and defects in the upstream
  • Reduction of service delivery cost ? analyse and optimization of cost structure
  • Creating a concept of problem solving process in transactional areas and its implementation
  • KAIZEN WEEK for variation in transactional processes
  • Definition and implementation of the system of managing business indexes

Purchasing and Supplier Development

We will find potential savings in purchasing process.

According to Edwards Deming, supplier is a part of the system and has direct influence on quality and total cost of final product or service. That?s why it?s hard to ignore him in the subject of improving productivity and decreasing expenses. Practice of granting contracts based on price criterion, causes problems in downstream. A goal should be to receive particular article only from one supplier, on terms of long-lasting relation of loyalty and trust. Possessing the guarantee of collaboration will motivate him to deliver highest quality and constantly improve productivity, which will result in decreasing total cost of product or service.

Long-term relation with supplier and joined work on increasing level of quality and productivity and decreasing total cost, requires knowledge of continuous improvement methodology. Client needs proper tools to choose and evaluate suppliers. They both should also posses knowledge allowing them to solve current problems in effective way and to prevent them from appearing in the future.

  • Stable network of suppliers and increased level of reliability and quality of delivery
  • Continuous improvement of supplier?s process will positively affect quality, productivity and total cost of your product or service

Our services:

  • Optimization (cost and delivery date) of materials purchasing process
  • Qualification and evaluation of potential suppliers
  • Audit and evaluation of current suppliers
  • Establishing rules of incoming inspection (evaluation and qualification of suppliers)
  • Comprehensive programs of suppliers development (from solving problems to continuous improvement)

Leadership and Management

We will build solid foundations to improve productivity and quality.

Transformation management is in fact a transformation of management system. Condition of the company depends directly on the attitude of managing personnel. Leadership evaluation should not be based on historical results, but on the ability to stay on the market, investment protection, assurance of future dividends and workplaces. All of this can be achieved by improving product and service quality. Even the biggest number of short-term successes, will not guarantee long-term profits. The foundation of effective management is to acquire knowledge about variation and operational standards. Managers can not learn only by experience. Hard work also does not guarantee the success. Management by objectives should be replaced with working on continuous improvement of processes and products. The most important task for the management is to recognize correlation between particular elements of the company and to be able to manage them as a whole. Transformation should be based on System of Profound Knowledge suggested by Edwards Deming in form of 14 points of management.

  • Due to implementation of System of Profound Knowledge, your company will achieve level of continuous and balanced growth, which is a foundation of gaining competitive advantage

Our services:

  • Managerial skills development, modern leadership ? comprehensive coaching program
  • Building long-term company strategy based on system thinking
  • Employees evaluation and development program
  • Building effective systems of team work
  • Company’s talents development and evaluation program
  • Management based on facts ? designing and implementing data collection systems, analysing and managing key business characteristics
  • Shopfloor Management implementation ? change of management style, communication and problem solving approach
  • Creation of management structures for problem solving and continuous improvement
  • Visualization of production status and KPI?s
  • Continuous improvement trainings for the highest management