In lean production system one of the important factors is to enable every worker to continuously monitor production status ? realization of production plan, number of defects, etc. Proper work and process organization as well as implementation of visual control rules helps to react immediately to any abnormalities, production delays and defects. One of the rules of visual control is to place every tools, parts and work instructions in dedicated, visible location ? ?place for everything and everything in its place? ? which makes production process understandable at the quick view. 5S is here the tool. It consists of 5 steps described with the word beginning with ?S? which refer to proper organization of workplace:

  • Seiri ? selection ? means to separation of needed and unneeded items and removing everything what is unneeded from the workplace
  • Seiton – set In order ? place for everything and everything In its place
  • Seiso ?shine ? clearing workplace and tool, cleaning is also inspection
  • Seiketsu ? standardize – ensure uniform procedures and setups throughout the operation to promote interchangeability
  • Shitsuke ? sustain – Make it a way of life. This means commitment. Ensure disciplined adherence to rules and procedures of 5 S to prevent backsliding. Maintaining the standards
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Expected Training Results

After completion of this training participants will:

  • Understand the need to use 5S rule in all processes
  • Know how to implement 5S
  • Be prepared to overcome the resistance to changes
  • Know how to maintain 5S
  • The training is dedicated to everybody who is involved in designing and managing production processes

Training plan


Intro to 5S ? 5S as a waste elimination tool lecture
5S steps: Selection, Set in order, Shine, Standarize, Sustain lecture + examples
5S Game practical exercise
Tools for implementing and sustaining 5S, e.g.: Red Tag, 5S Map, Labelinglig, Zoning, Checklists and standards for cleaning, Vizualization, One Point Lessons lecture + case study
How to defeat resistance discussion
Sustaining good results lecture + discussion