In the market situation when quick response to customer needs is a must, it is unacceptable if the company fails to deliver due to a machine breakdown. In the best case it causes delays and customer dissatisfaction in the worst case the customer will resign to buy our product and order at competitor. Every organization should make an effort to keep machines and equipment in best possible condition. The good support for this is Total Productive Maintenance. All TPM activities are focused on reduction or total elimination of following problems:

  • breakdowns ? long stoppages and costly repairs
  • long changeover times
  • defects and reworks due to machine malfunction
  • long time to stabilize the process after changes (eg. changeovers)

The key for TPM success is management commitment. TPM should involve every employee. Machine maintenance is a key success factor in production so every management level should demonstrate commitment to the program.

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Expected training results

After the training participants will be able to:

  • Understand TPM concept and its tools
  • Identify main losses connected to machines
  • Choose the proper methods for elimination of losses
  • Effectively implement TPM
  • Maintenance managers and specialists
  • Production managers and leaders
  • Machine and equipment designers
  • Continuous improvement experts

Training Plan


Introduction to Total Productive Maintenance lecture + examples
Key elements of TPM: inspection, maintenance, repair lecture + examples
Key measures for maintenance: OEE, MTBF, MTTR lecture + practical exercise
Tools for losses elimination, e.g. 5S, SMED, Standardization, Visualization lecture + case study
Organization of maintenance workshop. Spare parts management lecture + examples
Roles and responsibilities in TPM lecture + examples
Effective implementation and management of TPM lecture + examples
Examples of TPM implementation. Summary lecture + examples

Optional practical workshop on chosen machine(s)

Depending on situation and machine characteristics workshop can last from 2 to 4 days. Following topics are usually worked out:

  • Team building. Roles and responsibilities In the workshop. Work breakdown and action plan
  • Initial machine audit and problems identification (Red Tag)
  • Initial cleaning, problem elimination
  • Analysis of maintenance system
  • Analysis of critical points and ?hard to access? areas
  • Analysis of machine technical documentation
  • Creation of target maintenance concept: split of activities between production and maintenance departments, communication, machine data collection and indicators monitoring, signaling the breakdowns, OPL?s, documentation
  • TPM implementation plan