Shopfloor Management (SFM) is a Lean approach to production management focused on process improvement at the source with involvement of all employees and team leaders. The base for SFM is measurable process data, so all management decisions can be based on real facts from the process. SFM involves all the levels of management thus communication is improved what results in better problem solving. Main components of SFM are:

  • Visual management
  • Genchi Genbutsu
  • Problem solving
  • Work based on PDCA cycle towards achievement of company vision
  • Standardization

Transparent visualization of indicators and plan realization status helps to improve quality and effectiveness of management. Info Centres on the shopfloor provide the means to implement it. They should be clear and available. Frequent update of data in info centre should be organized in the way, that it not create a burden for employees and the data should be clear for everybody.

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Expected Training Results

After the training participants will be able to:

  • Define Lean principles for production management
  • Identify measures and indicators for visualization
  • Use SFM tools in practice
  • Top managers
  • Line managers

Training Plan


Definition and benefits of Shopfloor Management. Implementation steps lecture + discussion
Diagnostic tools: Shopfloor Management Assessment, A day in a life of?, meeting management lecture + discussion + examples
Planning tools: production diary, coaching schedule, Tactical Implementation Plan lecture + discussion + examples
Implementation tools: info centre ? KPI visualization, workforce management, process control and confirmation (T-card), structured problem solving process lecture + discussion + examples
Implementation examples discussion
Training summary discussion + feedback